In addition to the charter mark frameworks, UKIED is an established, discreet, specialist equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) company that provides a range of confidential stand-alone training workshops and consultancy support services.


See below for examples of the types of services we provide. Please note we are also able to provide bespoke training solutions in addition to our national training programmes:

  • Promoting and embedding EDI best practice in the workplace
  • EDI organisational audits
  • EDI engagement and awareness training for senior leadership teams and boards
  • Complying with the Equality Act
  • Managing and avoiding discrimination claims
  • Recruiting, managing, leading and retaining diverse teams
  • EDI sensitive media and public relations training (including advertising and marketing)
  • Anti-discrimination and EDI staff awareness training (covering all the protected characteristics)
  • Developing and writing EDI missions, policies and strategies
  • Engaging with non-traditional service users/customers
  • EDI organisational audits
  • Making the commercial case for EDI

The following training programmes are examples of the services we provide in addition to our bespoke training and research development services:

  • EDI awareness
  • Leading diverse teams
  • Reducing and managing discrimination allegations
  • Role Play actor based training (using professional actors)
  • Equality Act (2010) and the Public Sector Requirements
  • Safeguarding and Safer Recruitment
  • EDI organisational audits
  • EDI awareness training for senior leaders including CEOs, directors, executive boards and governors
  • Writing and reviewing EDI policies, strategies and action plans
  • Developing your own EDI champions
  • Equal legislation training covering all the Protected Characteristics
  • Recruiting and retaining diverse teams/staff
  • Challenging and eliminating discriminatory behaviour
  • Carrying out equality impact assessments
  • EDI sensitive tender writing and evaluation
  • EDI teaching & learning adults
  • Community cohesion