UKIED Corporate Charter Mark


The UKIED Corporate Charter Mark Framework (CCM) has been designed to provide a simple, straightforward process which will enable multi-site organisations to undertake the UKIED accreditation process by focusing on the head office’s role as a catalyst for driving up equality and diversity (E&D) performance, commitments and outputs across the wider organisation.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible to register for the UKIED CCM framework organisations need to meet the following conditions:

  • Regional, national or multinational organisation in terms of customer base / service delivery / business operations
  • There must be a defined head office and registered address
  • Operate at the time of registration from more than five geographical sites (UKIED can provide further information if required to clarify the stated requirements here. There are a number of circumstances where the number of sites requirement may be waived if the organisation is able to substantiate its national or international position to UKIED satisfaction)

The UKIED Corporate Charter Mark Standard uses the same evidence based approach however, the type of evidence required is inline with the operational requirements for large corporate organisations.

The UKIED Framework is based on the following key principles

  1. Evidence based: We measure and assess the evidence that you provide to support the assessment of your organisation’s equality and diversity (E&D) performance. The evidence that you provide will be organic and come from your organisation’s core business activity.
  2. Customer/service user and employee focused: We look at the impact of your organisation’s E&D behaviour on these key groups in line with your organisation’s key operating principles.
  3. Supportive: UKIED is able to provide specialist E&D support to meet your organisation’s UKIED charter mark goals. We can provide you with as much or as little support as you require. We will, however, provide you with an independent evaluation of your E&D performance prior to a formal assessment if requested.
  4. Simplicity: To achieve the UKIED charter mark involves four simple stages:
    • Stage 1

      Completing Registration Application Form (with relevant payment)

    • Stage 2

      Assigning of a specialist consultant, the Needs Analysis and Scoping Support process and the Next Steps Action Planning Process

    • Stage 3

      Pre-Assessment visit

    • Stage 4

      Formal Assessment and Accreditation


Your appointed UKIED equality and diversity consultant will work with you throughout all the stages of the UKIED process and will provide as much support to you as you require.