Race and Cultural Awareness Framework


The UKIED Race and Cultural Awareness Charter Mark focuses specifically on the following issues:

  • Effective delivery of services to diverse services users/customers
  • Employment relations
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Recruiting and leading diverse teams
  • Intercultural competence and cultural awareness
  • Development of race and culturally aware organisational policies, strategies and governance procedures
  • Product development
  • Stakeholder engagement

The Race and Cultural Awareness (RCA) charter mark standard uses an evidence-based approach that is obtained from internal and external stakeholders.

To achieve the UKIED RCA charter mark standard involves 4 simple stages:

Stage 1

Involves completing a UKIED RCA Application Agreement

Stage 2

Telephone or face-to-face needs analysis meeting

Stage 3

Pre-Assessment Audit visit and Next Steps Action Planning (NSAP)

Stage 4 

Assessment and Accreditation Visit